Logistics strategies to keep you on track for growth

Logistics is all about deadlines. Customers want their goods yesterday. Delivering them in good shape, on time and

On budget is what we do. The SMW Logistics equation of global reach, expertise, experience and deep knowledge of your business is the answer to your logistics challenges in thousands of locations worldwide.

For more than half a  century,  SMW Logistics has been creatively developing and executing innovative solutions for diverse customers with unique needs. Our flexible, far-reaching logistics portfolio gives you the strategic advantage  in today’s intensely competitive global marketplace.

Spanning the world’s major trade lanes, our integrated network covers efficient multi-modal transport and gives you access to modern storage and transport facilities in key locations. All backed by robust technology for freight tracking through to ware house management.

SMW Logistics means more than just expert global coverage. We stand for end-to-end account ability to and from any point on the globe – committed to quality, safety, security and compliance in everything we do. Our formalized approach and strict principles set the standard in many sectors.

Whatever your logistics needs, our highly skilled teams do the math at local, national, regional and international level to grow your business. With SMW as your strategic partner, you can make one call to us, and then rest easy.

Pick and mix services for all your logistics needs


Air Freight

Getting your goods delivered fast and without compromising on price and services is what our global air freight service is all about. Partnerships with major carriers enable priority access and competitive rates.

Supply Chain Management

Maximize your supply chain performance with reduced capital investment and flexible responses to market changes by outsourcing your logistics and supply chain needs to us.

International Moving

It’s personal. This isn’t just stuff. These are valued parts of your life. If you’re moving home or office ,let us take the strain for you. Experienced and reliable, we don’t just move your stuff, we deliver peace of mind.

Project Logistics

Whether you’re looking to shift a single super-sized shipment or manage many for an ongoing project – by road, sea, air or all of the above, think SMW. We’ve got what it takes to do the heavy lifting for you safely, efficiently and with minimum fuss. It takes a special kind of strength to deliver your project logistics needs. We have those muscles

Contract Logistics

Trust us with your warehousing and value-added operations to enjoy end-to-end service tailored to your needs, and free up your own resources to focus on your core business

Clearing & Forwarding

Customs clearance can be a headache. GAC’s local experts provide the cure by guiding your goods through even the most complex of procedures efficiently with our local expertise and knowledge.

Sea Freight

Choose the best solution for your sea freight requirements worldwide from GAC’s range of group age (LCL) or full-container-load (FCL) services.

Ship Spares Logistics

Time is money, and we help you save both with single-source, door-to-deck deliveries of time- critical parts and spares. Anytime .Anywhere.

Energy Logistics

Energy is tough business. One that needs flexible integrated solutions that meet stringent safety and quality standards. Time and money are precious. Logistics  expertise, offshore support, agency services

–it takes global coverage, experience, know-how and Will power because that’s what you demand.

Whether you’re in aero space, FMCG, offshore, sports or events ,you need a logistics partner that you can re Lyon .SWM is that partner.

Delivering your strategy.

SMW Logistics is more than just a service provider – we’re in the business to grow yours. As your strategic partner, beyond where you need us, we help you achieve what you set out to do. In more than 50 countries, you will find dedicated SMW professionals ready and raring to deliver results that give your business the competitive edge with:

  • Integrated global network providing logistics solutions at thousands of locations worldwide.
  • Full range of flexible services tailored to your needs, no matter what business you’re in
  • Half a century of shipping, logistics and marine experience
  • Proven track record in serving diverse sectors with unique needs
  • State-of-the art warehousing and distribution facilities at key locations worldwide
  • Centralized freight purchasing giving economies of scale
  • Transparency and efficiency with advanced IT systems in freight tracking and warehousing management
  • Strict compliance to global security and safety standards, as well as international regulations
  • Committed to quality, compliance, transparency and honesty in everything we do


Many sectors, one promise

  • Automotive
  • E-Commerce
  • Entertainment /Events
  • Fashion
  • FMCG
  • Human it Arian Aid
  • Marine Leisure
  • Energy /Offshore
  • Ship Spares
  • Time Critical


SWM Logistics Project

(Photo) Whatever your project needs, from single domestic delivery to complex multi-shipments, let SWM do the heavy lifting for you.


Big projects mean big shipments. Whether it’s an offshore drilling platform, a power plant, a paper mill or a port development, they all need parts that are too big, too heavy, or too oddly shaped to fit into neat little packages for transportation.


Moving such shipments takes skill, experience and the right equipment – SWM provides the muscle to shoulder any project cargo movement end- to-end.

With SWM Group’s global network and solid track record in developing and executing complex project logistics solutions, we are the partner whom you can entrust your load.


From moving massive steel frames to delicate turbine engines, SWM Project Logistics has the skills and strength that guarantee safe and timely delivery worldwide – even to and from the most challenging and remote locations.


Total logistics capabilities

Drawing on our shipping, logistics and marine expertise ,we offer flexible total packages for any project cargo requirements in turnkey projects.


We can manage any sized project from single domestic delivery to complex, multi-shipment and multi- modal project.


Beyond standard freight forwarding, our complete transportation solutions start from detailed planning through to cost-efficient final delivery with strict Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) compliance.


End-to-end efficiency

All operations are planned and executed with strong focus on minimizing risks and costs, optimizing resources and meeting deadlines.


Our innovative industry specialists effectively utilize technology to optimize shipment designs, calculate lashings and track shipments to strengthen our performance. No matter what challenges you face, we will find the best solution to lower your costs and lifty our profits.


Full package

  • Surveys & feasibility studies
  • Multi-modal transport
  • Full / part charter party
  • Towage & barge operations
  • Special equipment transport
  • Operations supervision
  • Stevedoring & terminal services
  • Forward planning & cargo handling method statements
  • Technical consulting
  • Trace &trace


Today, our clients come from diverse sectors e.g. oil & gas, pulp & paper, mining, automotive, construction, power & energy, railway equipment and ship equipment & supplies.


The CAD Advantage:

SWM is one of the few service providers that use advanced Computer Aided Drawings (CAD) to design optimal stowage, loading and discharging procedures for heavy lift cargoes. In the virtual environment, a solution can be engineered in a day, as compared to weeks involving yard visits and meetings before the design process even starts.


Proven track record in handling all types of project cargoes since the early1970s.

About the SWM Group


SEAWAVE MARINE SERVICE began as a Shipping Agency in 2015. Over the years the group has undertaken many challenging Project accumulated shills know how and experience in Ship Handling & Management in every Port of Bangladesh


The SWM advantage

  • Wide geographical coverage
  • Extensive experience with established track record in project logistics
  • Complete solutions backed by ship agency, logistics and offshore support capabilities
  • Cost-efficient services through the use of innovative transport combination and technology
  • Long-term relations with specialists in sea, land and air operations
  • In-depth knowledge of local regulations and practices
  • Strict HSSE compliance
  • Flexible tracking systems and advanced IT solutions
  • Dedicated project teams with extensive technical and operational skills